Assured Living

Assured Living

This is my most recent project, taking a program with little input created a design that allows the customer to learn more about this program and get a better understanding of how to use it.

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Freelance project that I helped a company launch a new product. Was given a business concept and had to create a full user experience. Developed style guides and a user flow for them to follow based off their idea.

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24 7 support

24-7 Support

Part of my current job is Geek Squad services, this page was designed to allow the customer to be able to better understand the support service offered and allow them to transact without having to view the product description page. It has allowed our business partners to direct marketing to this page and has seen a large increase in conversion since the redesign.

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Responsive Email Template

The majority of our clients open their emails on mobile devices so I created a new mobile friendly email template that was device agnostic and would allow for more flexible creative.

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Surly Postcard

I was in need of beer for our charity event Toys for Beers and Surly was our hero, they requested some graphic design work in return. This is one of the postcards I created to use as a promotional piece for their tours.

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Insipred by Jared Tarbell's work, this is an interactive piece created using Processing that creates random patterns when the stage is clicked.

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Hi, I'm Rick

I'm an interactive graphic designer that likes to code or a front end developer that likes to design (it really depends on the day of the week). I've always had a drive to understand how things work, It's part of everything I do. I tinker and take stuff apart, look at source code, play with it, you name it I look under the hood to see how it ticks.


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